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  • 公司簡介




          我公司以“誠信經營,永續發展”為理念,不斷追求進步與創新,以優質的產品,完善的服務和優惠的價格,服務于每一位新老客戶 !

          Tianjin Xiwei Chemical Co.,Ltd  is a specialized company in the marketing of pharmaceutical intermediates and chemical raw materials, especially pyridine and its derivations and some pharmaceutical intermediates. We can get high performance and have established long-lasting and friendly relationships with many pharmaceutical company .

          Our company has the production base in Hunan District of Hunan. The company has two laboratories and a medium enlarged workshop. We own independent research and development ability, the pharmaceutical intermediates product conforms to the standard and the request of GMP.

         Our company take “the good faith management, sustainable development” as an idea, pursues unceasingly progresses and innovates, by the excellent quality, the absolutely satisfy and the preferential price, serves each new and old customers.




    版權所有:天津希為化工有限公司       津ICP備12003103號-1      技術支持:企商科技

    津公網安備 12010502100133號

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